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Mel Simons is an accomplished entertainer and now author of 9 books, with a Tenth in the works. You can order these books from the vendors listed at the bottom of this page... Or Directly order from Mel via the “Contact” Tab above.
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The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book Test your Old Time Radio knowledge with the ultimate radio trivia book, compiled by long- time radio personality & interviewer, Mel Simons. The book is liberally illustrated with photos of radio stars from the author's personal collection. Foreword by Steve LeVeille of WBZ radio (AM 1030) in Boston.~  
The Old-Time Television Trivia Book Remember when Television was all about The Texaco Star Theatre, Your Show of Shows, and The Honeymooners? Trivia expert Mel Simons remembers and has now penned The Old-Time Television Trivia Book. ~ Foreword by Fred Foy, announcer on The Lone Ranger and The Dick Cavett Show.~  
Old-Time Radio Memories Did you ever wonder about the personalities lurking behind your Philco? Mel's latest book is filled with interviews and anecdotes from many of your favorite old-time radio stars, from Fibber McGee to Rudy Vallee to cast members of the Jack Benny and Fred Allen Shows. ~With a foreword by Norm Crosby.~  
The Show-Biz Trivia Book Test your knowledge this time on ALL entertainment! Stage, screen, radio, music! Can you match wits with the Master of Trivia, and win? ~Foreword by Bob Elliott of Bob & Ray.~  
      The Movie Trivia Book  Before reality TV, there was "real" television, before cable TV's talking heads, television was something to "talk" about, a medium that teemed with genuine entertainment. There are few people who have more insight and knowledge of the "good old days" of television than Boston radio personality, author, trivia expert and humorist, Mel Simons has. Mel has cultivated, over the years, personal relationships with such TV greats as Milton Berle, Georgie Jessel, Perry Como and Steve Allen. Old- Time Television Memories is a compilation of interviews with these and many other TV "originals." ~Foreword by Bill Dana.~  
Old-Time Radio Memories The Movie Trivia Book There is no better way to escape into a world of fantasy than by going to the movies. And if you are a movie "maven," there is no better way to test your knowledge than to take a ride through movie history with Mel Simons. Do you know Indiana Jones' real first name or which Marx brother was really named Herbert? Who said "All right, Mr. DeMille. I'm ready for my closeup." and in what movie? Grab some popcorn and friends and turn video night into a full fledged movie party. ~Foreword by Rex Trailer.~  
                                                You can buy Mel’s books online from the publisher Bear Manor Media      Or From                                Amazon.com    Barnes & Noble online
     VOICES FROM THE PHILCO  Voices from the Phiico will take you and yours back to a simpler, and arguably, better time in America. It was a time before cell phones, Blackberries and iPods. A time when families spent hours together, often gathered around a radio. In Mel Simons’ latest book, you will almost hear the words of radio legends. These men and women were once the most celebrated Americans, the most respected Americans but in this book they are simply friends and colleagues of Mel Simons. ~Foreword by Dan Rea. Mels friend and Fan . WBZ News Radio 1030 Boston..~  
     THE GOOD MUSIC TRIVIA BOOK  “They wrote the songs that made the whole world sing”. Anyone lucky enough to have experienced the music of singers like Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Rosemary Clooney, Barry Manilow and dozens more; will love th quizzes in Mel Simons latest book. Mel Simons a trivia historian, entertainment and humorist, has once again given us a nook that will bring back wonderful memories....... ~Foreword by Patti Page  
The Mel Simons Joke Book (If It’s Laughter You’re After) Nothing can lift the spirits like a good joke, and no one is better qualified to author a book filled with the greatest jokes than Mel Simons. Mel Simons, who has delighted his readers with such acclaimed books as Voices From the Philco - The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book and Old-Time Television Memories, and others, now presents The Mel Simons Joke Book: If It’s Laughter You’re After ! A Book that will keep you laughing as you reminisce about the greatest comedians of our time. Such as Milton Berle, Henny Youngman and the great Red Buttons. ~ Foreword by Steven Wright ~  
    THE OLD-TIME RADIO TRIVIA BOOK II  “The tenth in Mel’s notalgia series. Once again gives you the chance to test your knowledge of the shows you too loved on mid - twentieth century radio. While doing so will make you smile and laugh out loud as you warmly remember a time before the clutter of computers, smart phones and iPads. Let’s go back to radio and use our imaginations. Much better than the junk on TV. ~Foreword by Bob Hastings Radio’s Archie Andrews  
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The Comedians Trivia Book  “I have been a nostaligia junkie for the past twenty years. I thought I kneweverything there was to know until I read Mel Simons THE COMEDIANS TRIVIA BOOK. It is informative, enlightening and often quite surprising, in my opinion. There was no way Mel could write anything more enjoyable than his ten previous books. I was wrong. This is the grand-daddy of them all. I know you will love Mel’s THE COMEDIANS TRIVIA BOOK as much as my partners and I have....... ~Foreword by Fred Diodati The Four Aces  
The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book III  “ Mel is a master of Old-Time Radio trivia and has written an extraordinary number of articles and books on the subject. Here’s a trivia question for you: “How many books and articles did Mel write?” When Mel asked me to write this foreword, it was easy to say “Yes”. It is , in fact a pleasure to do so.That’s because this book like so many of his others, is filled with a gallery of amazing pictures and proves to be a terrific stroll down memory lane. Imagine sitting with friends in your living room, with Radio Trivia Book in hand and asking: “Who said: Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear”. What a great gift this book makes for Old-Time radio buffs...... ~Foreword by Ivan Cury Radio’s Bobby Benson  
Watch for Mel’s forthcoming book The Jokes On Me Coming Soon !!!!
Take These Jokes PLEASE !  “ How nice it would have been to have a book like Mel Simons’ Take these Jokes PLEASE when I was a radio announcer many years ago. I say “announcer” because they hadn’t come up with the term “disc jockey” then. I’d have to scour the magazines and newspapers for bits and pieces and jokes, to fill the spaces between recorded music and rehearsals. If there has been a resource like Mel Simons book to steal from, I might have gone somewhere. I would have found jokes of every type all in one place “....... ~Foreword by Bob Elliott Bob And Ray
The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book IV  “ I have never written a foreword for any book, and I’m probably the wrong person to do this, because I came in at the tail end of the radio 1951- 1955, and mostly performed in comedy series, with only a few dramatic credits; but when Mel Simons, a true radio aficionado, approached me at the Sperdvac convention and asked me to write a foreword to his latest trivia book, I readily agreed.“....... ~Foreword by Marvin Kaplan Radio: Meet Millie Television: Alice and Meet Millie
The Old-Time TelevisionTrivia Book II  “ Just ask anyone who has been to one of his shows, or read his books on the subject. It is his passion and he has spent almost all of his adult life perfecting his craft. His latest trivia book concentrates on some of the most famous celebrities from the old television days. People like Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, and let’s not forget the Lone Ranger and Tonto. An avid collector, Mel has included some of his prized celebrity autograhed pictures and other memrabilia.He definately was a saver“....... ~Foreword by Frank Avruch WBZ Goodwill Ambassador and man about town / Bozo the Clown
The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book V  “  Mel Simons and I come from two different worlds but we have been friends for many years. I had a great career as a heavyweight wrestler and was known as George “ The Animal “ Steele. Mel is an entertainer, Radio personality, MC, and devotee of old-time radio and television and is known as “The King of Nostalgia” Mel gives us a blast from the past once again with the Old- Time Radio Trivia Book V. Be sure to read all of his books and share them with your friends and family. They include great facts, figures and autographs that make for great reads and they offer fun for everyone........ ~Foreword by George “The Animal” Steele……
The Old-Time Television Trivia Book III  “  Howdy! My wife Babs says I live in the past. El wrongo, Barbarito.The past lives in me. It’s all we’ve got. That, and the Eternal. Mel Simons is a past master of old0time television. With his vast knowledge, memory, craft for diggin’, and love for what he oes, this book is terrific. Mel is there anybody that you don’t know? I also love the many quizzes that take me back in time. Mel’s a special guide down memory lane, to those glorious days of yesteryear. The golden days of television was very special to me. Bob Hope used to sing “Thanks for the memories”. The past lives in all of us. Thanks Mel, for sturrin’ up wonderful memories of the past. I highly recommend The Old-Time Television Trivia Book III...... Ye Hawww!, Adios. ~Foreword by Will Hutchins   Sugarfoot……