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Mel presents a number of different nostalgia and trivia shows in appearances in the New England area. Return with Mel to those thrilling days of yesteryear and enjoy such things as:     * The Golden Days of Radio, featuring The Shadow, Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor and more!     * The Golden Days of Televison, a video sojourn with Milton Berle, Your Hit Parade,       Sid Ceasar and the best of early TV. (video show)     * The Big Bands, a video retrospective with Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman       and the other great bands. (video show)     * The Big Band Singers, a nostalgic look at performances by Vaughn Monroe, Peggy Lee,       Perry Como and more. (video show)     * The Golden Days of Rock & Roll, from Fats Domino to The Platters to Elvis,       great video moments of Rock. (video show)     * Strictly Sinatra, great songs of ol' Blue Eyes (video show)     * The world's most generous cheapskate... Jack Benny (video show)     * Trivia and Simons Says     * Sing-A Long and Laugh-A Long with Mel     * Smile and Remember - a blast from the past     * One Man Show: The Life & Songs of Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor, & George M. Cohan       "You ain't heard nothin' yet!" Come on and hear Mel Simons as he astounds you with the great songs and amazing anecdotes        of four show-biz legends. This "Yankee Doodle Dandy" program brings you back to a time before TV, CD's, and DVD's.        And you don't have to "walk a million miles" for miles of smiles!
Mel Simons Has been a regular on WBZ Radio for decades with his trivia show “The Audio Clip Trivia Quiz”. Mel calls it trivia without questions. Mel will play voices, a singer, and sports personality, a comedian, and the listener needs to identify the voice of the person or persons in the clip. Mel had graced the airwaves for 14 years with Larry Glick - 6 years with Bob Raleigh and 13 years with Steve LeVeille. Mel is now a regular with Morgan White Jr. and also Bradley Jay on WBZ Radio as he continues his Audio Clip Trivia Quiz for the Boston late night audience and 38 states and the best provinces in Canada.   You Tube Clips Listener Tony from Canton was in the studio to record Mel's June 14, 2010 appearance on The Steve LeVeille Broadcast on video, which he then published on YouTube. To view the videos  Click here and see Steve and Mel in action. For Video Clip example (see below). Also, for a limited time the first hour of October 2010’s  Audio Trivia Clip Quiz is available on WBZ1030.com on Steve’s page. This PODCAST is available here AUDIO TRIVIA CLIP QUIZ HOUR 1 Mel entertains at reunions, conventions, men's and women's clubs, senior citizens' groups, church groups, dinner dances, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other social functions. In addition to offering the trivia shows, he is an experienced accordianist, humorist, disc jockey, and MC. And most recently, author of some fun books about old time TV and radio trivia.
Mel and Steve LeVeille
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* Everything’s Coming Up Irish - An all Irish show. Irish Songs, Irish Jokes, Irish Trivia, all Irish all the way * Memories Are Made Of This - Songs, Trivia, Audience Participation and Prizes
The Audio Clip Trivia Quiz
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